Gokulakrishna Mastodon (AP)
Cloud Firewall is featured in addons section in How to live without the Tech Giants article by Paula Kreuzer. (Pic)

Thanks to her I found 3 new projects I was unaware of, which I will try read up and use!

Take a minute to read the whole article at

#CloudFirewall #Firefox #Addons #Extensions #Privacy #Security #Decentralization
Booteille Mastodon (AP)
@gkrishnaks Now that @Framasoft is using #S3, we can't reach images when blocking #Amazon... : /
Gokulakrishna Mastodon (AP)
Yes I just noticed that, as I mostly use fedilab app to connect. Next version of Cloud Firewall by last weekend of this month, I'll provide feature " Add {site} to Excludes list" button in popup so user can exclude whichever sites they want, to ignore the block rules of whichever clouds users choose to block..
Booteille Mastodon (AP)
@gkrishnaks @Framasoft Yup! I think it's a must have!