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As this is my first mastodon instance I have to ask. did #purism take out the direct message feature on librem social? Do other instances of mastodon have DM?

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Physical (de)centralization of Mastodon servers – after our XMPP scan, we took 1000+ random Mastodon servers and looked at their hosters:

– about 50% of these servers are hosted by only 5 companies in 4 countries
– 26% of servers are hosted in Japan, followed by the USA (24%) and France (23%)

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@Gargron Are you the creator of #mastodon?
@Gargron @z31r4m yeah, the point is: one of the killer features on #Twitter are the “trends” and the selling point is: twitter knows “what is happening now” and trending tags are a great feature, I can understand why somebody don’t like it, but most twitter users are lost on #mastodon without the “hot topics”. It’ll be really useful to have them active for everybody and admins should be able to disable them on admin panel.
@z31r4m @Gargron
holy shit, Gab has trends on the sidebar! Something #mastodon is really missing!
And the design is really cool, a great mix of twitter and mastodon, I need to credit #gab for doing a great design work. I really hope the single column design will be improved on mastodon 3.0
🚨 ⚠️ Instace owners,

Gab seems to be using the "" domain name. Please block this ASAP.

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Facebook, whatsapp and instagram down and just noticed this by reading the news
long live the #fediverse!
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This is a drum I keep beating: It's key to watch and be ready to counter the #Gab launch into the #fediverse July 4.

Here is where they think they will be at launch. Important that they still say there will be Apps supporting them in the App stores and a list is coming.

I'm sure none of this is news to most but wanted to keep an eye on it and share to #admins and to #Mastodon App developers. cc: @tootapp @tootleapp @JPEG @pixelfed @Gargron @Tusky
@Gargron I think speedbumps to slow or stop spam on #mastodon is critical. #mastodev
[en]#Diffu is a Free Software allowing authors to publish all kinds of texts or articles and to aggregate the reactions they generate on social networks, especially through #ActivityPub such as #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #Pleroma, #PixelFed, #Funkwhale, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial ...

Diffu is a kind of free and federated alternative to #Medium or other applications that are not always easy to install.

To develop it, we launch a crowdfunding campaign

ReToot are welcome 😉 !
[fr]#Diffu est un Logiciel Libre permettant à des auteurs de publier des textes, des articles en tout genre et d’agréger les réactions qu'ils suscitent sur les réseaux sociaux, notamment ceux communiquant par #ActivityPub comme #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #Pleroma, #PixelFed, #Funkwhale, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial...

Diffu est une sorte d'alternative libre et fédérée à #Medium

Pour le développer, nous lançons une campagne de financement participatif

Merci pour les RePouet 😉
#Mastodon has a new communications director! @sociallyeleanor is taking over the official social media accounts, blog, and other communication channels
so psa: eugen hard severed working with purism when they made it clear they had no intention to keep far-right and nazi assholes off of librem one

so maybe if you want to criticize Eugen and/or Mastodon, stick to things that are actually true and not a bunch of falsehoods and frankly offensive conspiracy theories #mastodon #mastodev #mastometa #fediverse #floss #foss #women
Ich hatte gestern dieses Seminar, in dem ich mit den Studies ein wenig auf unserer eigenen #Mastodon-Instanz herumgedaddelt habe. Hier mal ein erstes Fazit:
Last night's v2.9.1 release of #Mastodon had some bugs around audio uploads, so here is a small patch to take care of that:
#Mastodon v2.9.1 is out 🎉

A new moderation API, audio uploads, and domain blocks that extend to subdomains automatically
@Gargron #wordpress is dealing with a lot of spam too, why don't you implement #alkismet on #mastodon?
It's free for noncommercial use.

Another free alternative on wordpress is:
Can someone please tell me why is the Backend of #Mastodon still locked for updates?
I would really like to #translate it 🤦‍♂️
#weblate #translation
#Mastodon is moving to a single-column layout as the default for new installs. The original #TweetDesk inspired UI will remain as an opt-in feature and will remain the UI for existing users unless they opt-out. I started using #Pinafore because I found the multi-column layout infuriating, so I think this is great news, and long past time. Curious what others think.
Where there any changes made to the #Mastodon logo?

I can't seem to re-compile with my own logo..

#Mastodon v2.9.0rc1 is out, the first release candidate for testing

This release introduces the single-column mode along with making it the default for new users, a reorganization of preferences, as well as a revamp of the light theme
#Mastodon #Firefox #Addon: Simplified Federation.

Simplifies following or interacting with other users on remote Mastodon instances in the Fediverse. It skips the "Enter your Mastodon handle" popup and takes you to your own "home" instance, without entering your Mastodon handle on remote instances.
#PeerTube, like #Mastodon, is included in the #Fediverse. You can subscribe to the authors of the video to receive notifications about the appearance of new videos and view them in Mastodon. For example @ssv shoots video in Russian or @adrien.d in French.
#funkwhale 0.19 update done.
#nextcloud 15.0.8 update done.
#mastodon 2.8.4 update done.
based on they want to add in things like editing and groups, yet they still expect to rely on existing Mastodon clients? I wonder how they expect existing third party apps to magically support Gab-only features 😏

They are also planning on adding video uploading, so why are they forking #Mastodon rather than #PeerTube?
Plus que 10% de dons et #mobilizon aura le budget pour être entièrement fédéré avec tout ce qui est compatible avec #activitypub. #mastodon #peertube #pixelfed
@Gargron And I'm sure #Valve will grab a bag of pampers and quickly rush to the offended person to tend to their feelings: #Censorship first, ask questions later. This is once more why I'm glad #Purism runs their #Mastodon instance the way they do.
Schon länger überlegte ich, ob ich das mal nieder schreibe. Heute habe ich es getan. Und nun dürft ihr über mich herfallen.

#Mastodon #nt

Mastodon verändert sich
@Gargron Going to #vote myself in an hour. I'll be voting for a strong free #internet on which monstrosities like the #CopyrightDirective #ACTA2 #terreg never happen again and we can safely use platforms like #Mastodon
#Pixelfed Où en est la fédération ?
On peut interagir avec d'autres instances ?
Et avec #mastodon aussi ?
Si oui, j'ai bien envie de me remettre à publier :)
The Android app #Fedilab allows multiple accounts on multiple Fediverse services (incl. Mastodon, Friendica, PeerTube, Pleroma and GNU Social).

It's now charging for its Google Play version while keeping the F-Droid version free of charge, to encourage people off Google Play.

The Play version has a new address:

The F-Droid version remains at its current address:

You can follow Fedilab at:


#Fediverse #Alternatives #Apps #Mastodon
Ich suche zurzeit Listen von Instanzen dezentraler Netzwerke (#mastodon, #xmpp/#jabber/ #matrix) und Plattformen. Habt ihr da Hinweise?
Die GEMA geht ja zurzeit noch davon aus, es mit einer übersichtlichen Zahl an Plattformbetreibern zu tun zu haben (#artikel13 #artikel17).

Habt ihr da Hinweise für mich?
We do definetely need a feature to search for multiple Hashtags at once at #Mastodon. There are #ESC #Esc2019 #Eurovision #Eurovision2019 and #DaretoDream - all for the same thing😊
Apparently you can erase your notifications in #Mastodon now? Not a fan
Introducing the #Mastodon Server Covenant: Changes to the server picker
I thought I could love no platform more than I do #Mastodon by

Then I discovered #Misskey by @syuilo and don't know what I feel any more.
#Admin question: As of 2 years ago, it appeared that, once an account was deleted, that username was permanently locked on an instance.

Is that still true? Got a request from a former user who would like to revive her old UN, but seem to be running into that issue.

#Mastodon @Gargron #MAstoAdmin
I gave a talk at #PyCon2019 about #mastodon, #activitypub, and how to use it with #python. And why you might want to! The video is up now:
Some people have reported problems installing Mastodon v2.8.1 due to gem compilation.

This and a few other small bugs have been fixed in #Mastodon v2.8.2:
Eh oui, il est très difficile d'échapper aux #GAFAM, comme le montre l'exemple de cette journaliste qui a tenté le coup (! Le plus compliqué est de sortir des systèmes les plus utilisés, ce qui revient, quelque-part à leur tourner le dos!

Personnellement, #Mastodon et #Diaspora* sont pour l'instant des ajouts aux réseaux sociaux que j'utilise déjà, mais j'espère bien arriver à convaincre des gens autour de moi de me rejoindre ici.
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